Save More Money Moving to Whitby Than You Think

I’m sure if you are looking to buy a home you know that the prices in Toronto are way more expensive than prices in Whitby.  What you may not know is that you can also save monthly by moving to the Durham Region.  Recently we had clients sell their home in Toronto to make that move to Whitby like so many others.  After looking at a bunch of houses they realized that property taxes were much more expensive than in Toronto.  Not letting that change their mind, they still went ahead and became members of the Whitby community.  To their surprise, they found out that even though their property tax was almost double from what they paid in Toronto, they still ended up saving money every month.  Here’s how:

Cost of Living in Whitby vs Toronto graph

After looking at all the numbers you can see that our clients are saving around $435 a month by moving to Whitby.  Now we understand that every case will be different because there are many factors to consider when associating costs to car and home insurance. That being said, we are optimistic that once you crunch the numbers, you will notice a significant savings by leaving the big city for the beautiful region of Durham.

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