Avoid Turning Off Home Buyers With Your Design Choices


As a realtor in the Durham Region, I show a lot of houses to potential buyers and I have a good understanding of what they want and, more importantly, what they don’t.  If you are thinking it might be time to change the interior design of your home and are considering selling in the near future, this is a must read for you.

There is a lot of inspiration to be found on the popular DIY TV shows and in design magazines.  What you may not realize is that following the very latest trends in design can sometimes backfire when it comes to selling your home.  I recently read a great article on Realtor.com entitled 10 Interior Designs Trends That Turn Off Home Buyers.  This article may help you when it comes to redesigning your home.

Watch 5 Mistakes Sellers Make

The article recommends you avoid bold wall colours and instead let your accessories provide the pop needed to finish a room.  Also, stay away from wallpaper.  Even if you decide to only wallpaper one wall, wallpaper is a very personal choice and can negatively impact the home buyer.  The article even touches on landscaping.  Too-Lush landscaping may also deter home buyers.  Although it may look stunning like it should be in a magazine, to the home buyer it may look like too much work.  Instead, create a neat and tidy outdoor space and let the new owners decide if they want more.

To read the complete article 10 Interior Designs Trends That Turn Off Home Buyers and find out how bedroom and garage conversions, carpeting, and pet products can be a turn off, click here.

If you are considering selling your home, you must be certain you are Fit to Sell?  What does Fit to Sell really mean?   CLICK HERE to learn more.  You will find articles and videos on common mistakes made by sellers, paint choices, flooring, lighting, curb appeal, and more!  All of the information will help you get ready to sell and get top dollar quickly.

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