Mortgage Lender Interview Checklist: A Complete Look at Buying a Home

interview questions

As most of us enter the home owner’s market, we look to other sources to lend us the money to do so. There are various types of lenders out there that provide many different types of mortgages. In order to stay informed and to chose the right mortgage for you, smart buyers will always visit and ‘interview’ many different lenders before deciding on which path to follow. Our Mortgage Lender Interview Checklist is an excellent tool to help guide you through which questions to ask to get the best service possible.

To get the complete guide on (Part 4) Mortgage Lender Interview Checklist to ensure you are prepared to get all the answers your will need before choosing your lender, please  click below.


If you have any questions on what to ask a mortgage broker or any real estate related questions, please feel free to contact the Ferris Brothers at any time by clicking Here.

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