Is Technology as Important as Running Water When Buying a Home?

smart home technology

Millennial homebuyers increasingly prefer techno-graded smart homes with interactive features to suit their hectic lifestyles. Homebuyers are growing younger and they prefer homes that reduce their maintenance work while simultaneously having a beneficial impact on the environment. They prefer multifunctional spaces and a lot of their choices are influenced by optimal usage of features and living space. Since many of them work from home, they prefer automation so that they don’t have to run around fixing the thermostat, worry about the door lock or calculate their energy usage to optimize their consumption.

 Here are some features that millennial homebuyers look for when they buy a home:

  1. Wireless speaker systems – They let you play music anywhere in your home and are very easy to set up and control. You can play music from your tablet, smartphone, computer or from a hi-fi receiver. They are also capable of transmitting very high quality audio. They are also upgradable and that offers you a lot of flexibility.
  2. Smart thermostats – They let you program the temperature settings and you can control them from anywhere you want through your smartphone. It’s a great way to reduce the energy expenditure.
  3. Thinking About Buying A Home?  Find a professional you can trust.Wireless monitoring systems and security – They are becoming increasingly popular because of the wealth of remote monitoring features they come with. Since it does not depend on your phone lines or the power grid, it stays powered on and is always in touch with the monitoring center.
  4. Smart air monitors – These systems track the quality of air in your home, tracking dust, soot, and other such health dangers. They also warn you in case of emergencies like fire or carbon monoxide. Most modern systems send the information right to your app.
  5. Smart lighting – Designed for efficient use of energy, it uses sensors to estimate such parameters as the amount of daylight and occupancy. They can be controlled using your smartphones. You can set brightness levels and program your schedule.
  6. Smart door locks – They detect your presence through your smartphone’s Bluetooth connection or through a Bluetooth keyfob. It also enables you to send electronic keys to your friends at times you choose.
  7. Wireless water leak detector – Most of the smart water sensors are powered by battery and a wireless technology that doesn’t consume much power. The sensors in the device connect to a central hub that allows you to track it on your smartphone.

 The bottom line speaks for itself. Smart is the new state-of-the-art.

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