Thinking of Downsizing? 3 Quick Tips To Get You Started


Downsizing becomes an inevitable reality for many people who plan to move to smaller places once their kids move out and start their own families. They might find it unsuitable to maintain a large house and keep up with the chores when they really do not need all that space anymore. In today’s date more couples are going for downsizing, especially the baby boomers who prefer to spend their post-retirement life traveling and exploring new places. However, it can be shocking to find that simplifying your life can be much more complicated than expected. Over the years we build our home by buying and placing multiple objects in our homes. It includes your stuff and that of your kids. It takes a lot to determine what stays and what goes when you are moving into a smaller place. Here is a small list of pointers that can help you with downsizing when you finally plan to do it.

Search carefully

Given the huge amount of things you have to go through, you might be tempted to just throw things out, donate them, or just throw them into boxes without looking at them twice. But think of the many times you found money stuffed between pages of books and pant pockets. Some random files might hold some important papers like those of insurance, legal papers, and many others. It always pays to look through stuff carefully before tossing them out. It might seem like a lot of work but it is worth it.

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Do not procrastinate

When you know you need to downsize, do not put it off for later. Start doing it in phases. This will give you enough time and won’t exhaust you at one go. Also once you start putting stuff away into boxes and feel that you need them later, you can always go and take them out for your use. This is something you can’t do if you pack them and give them away in a hurry. Ask your kids and friends to come over and take a look at the items you would like to give away. Whoever chooses whichever item, its transportation is up to them.

Take pictures

It might be really difficult to give away some of the things; after all there was a reason why you had bought them in the first place. However, it is important to know that you would like to retain the memory of the item and might not want to hold on to the item itself. So it would work well if you could take and keep a picture of it to remember by, instead of hoarding it.

Downsizing might seem difficult and it indeed is, but you can ease the process for yourself by starting earlier and doing it in a planned way.

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One thought on “Thinking of Downsizing? 3 Quick Tips To Get You Started

  1. Great article. We do accumulate a lot of stuff and I think it is a good practice to clear your living space of unnecessary stuff once a year. You turn your living space into a positive once.


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