Pint Size Living: Tiny Houses Taking Off

Pint Size Living. Tiny Houses taking off

Tiny houses have become a growing trend in Canada whereby people are opting to live in smaller and simpler spaces rather than in larger, spacious houses. It has now become much more than the architectural and social movement that it once started off as. People are seeing a world of different benefits they can gather from living in tiny houses. This article looks at few of the reasons why tiny houses or the so-called pint-sized living have become a sudden rage.

Lesser maintenance requirements

One of the responsibilities that come along with a big house or even a penthouse or apartment is maintenance. Tiny houses do away with this major issue given their small sizes and smart space saving options. Elderly people living on their own seldom want to spend their time taking care of their properties. They like the concept of tiny houses because they are easy to maintain yet provide a safe and stylish living option.

Saving time

Because of the high pricing in the real estate industry, people find it difficult to live close to their workplaces which are often in the heart of the city. They therefore choose to live in the outskirts and spend considerable amount of time travelling to and fro work. Tiny houses, given their small and narrow structures can be set up in smaller spaces. This gives people the comfort of owning a living space within the city at a much more affordable price.

Come at a cheaper cost

Given the lesser space requirement and small structure, the total price of setting up a tiny house is way lesser than that of a traditional home or even an apartment in a multi-storeyed building.

Tiny house interior

Greater flexibility     

The idea of owning a house on wheels is a fascinating idea for many. It helps them build a cheaper home and also gives them the flexibility of travelling freely without the worries of home maintenance. Also being able to avoid the home or standard mortgage factor, gives them the freedom to use their resources in other more important areas.

Helping the environment

When living in a tiny house, not only do you save money on bills and rent, you are also indirectly helping the environment by using lesser energy. This is one of the causes that actually fuelled the original idea of tiny houses.

All-in-all tiny houses provide you with a host of great living options. It does come with a few drawbacks as do all good things, but it surely seems to have a promising future ahead of it.

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