Durham Region Takes Technology to the Curb

Durham Region Waste

Like most of citizens of this planet, I have a smartphone. And on that smartphone I have apps. Apps that crush candy, give me yardage on the golf course, and the daily weather. I even have an app to manage all my apps. But recently, I downloaded an app that I had no idea would save me so much aggravation.

durham region waste appLast Thursday I had settled nicely onto the couch with beer in hand and sports on the brain. The kids were all squared away and the house had a nice quiet hum to it. Then it happened. My phone sounded an alert. Not a text message or email but something I had never heard before. Begrudgingly, I lumbered into the kitchen to see who or what was invading my me time. On my phone was a message from Waste Buddy telling me it was time to take out my garbage. In fact, it told me that tomorrow was Blue Bin, Green Bin, Garbage, and most importantly, Christmas Tree pick up. I am notorious for being the last guy in the neighbourhood scurrying around Friday morning to drag everything to the curb. But this time, the Christmas Tree was involved. And we hadn’t removed all of the decorations yet.

In a panic, my wife and I began the painstaking task of removing the ornaments and lights. We have 3 kids. They help decorate every year. There were ornaments in places I didn’t know you could fit them. Alas the tree was stripped and dragged to the curb. My Waste Buddy app saved me the embarrassing task of finding another alternative to disposing of the Christmas Tree (the previous year I had to cut it up into pieces and sacrifice several brown yard bags at the dump). Although my quiet night had an unwanted detour, I was grateful for the app.

The Durham Region Waste app (Whitby has it’s own, Whitby Waste Buddy) is awesome! It allows you to personalize a collection day calendar complete with a heads up alert. It also has a Know Before You Throw tool that allows you to search how to dispose of certain items (batteries, light bulbs). You can also find information on how to order special pick ups like appliances or unwanted furniture. Finally, you can report collection issues right on the app itself. It is one of the most convenient and useful apps I have ever used. And it’s free. Visit your apps store and download it today!

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