Durham Region Property Taxes Are Going Up

Durham Region Property Taxes Are Going Up

The Durham Region Council has approved the 2016 Regional Business Plans and Budgets, and much like the collective blood pressure of region’s residents, property taxes will be going up.

So what that means for you and I is that on average, we are going to be seeing a 1.65 per cent increase on the Regional portion of our property tax bill. That’s about $40 on a home that is assessed at $362,000 (the average for the Region). In total, the Durham Region’s 658,175 residents will be seeing, according to Regional Chair and CEO Roger Anderson, an increase in high quality programs and services to the tune of $1.12 billion dollars in 2016.

Some of the highlights of the budget include the following: improvements to the Regions roads and bridges, investment in social assistance and social housing, investment in police facilities, conventional and specialized transit service enhancements, and funding for five local conservation authorities. This spring, the Finance Department will be mailing out a newsletter to all residents outlining where all their money is going to. For more detailed information on the budget, visit www.durham.ca.

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