Warning Issued to Durham Residents

Door-to Door Sales

The Regional Municipality of Durham is warning residents about new and aggressive water treatment sales tactics that are being used in the region. Many residents have been calling into the Region regarding door-to-door salespersons asking to see residents’ water meters and to test their water. The problem is, the region doesn’t sell, nor does it endorse, the use of water treatment filters or equipment.

“The Region provides clean, safe drinking water, which meets provincial water quality standards. Our water undergoes daily monitoring and testing and does not require further filtration or monitoring at resident’s expense,” says John Presta, Director of Environmental Services. In other words, it’s a scam!

Canvassing takes place for many reasons in our neighbourhoods.  You have political candidates, real estate agents, and unfortunately, salespersons from unethical companies looking to get into your home and sign you up for equipment that you don’t need, or equipment that you will overpay for. If someone shows up at your door, here are a few ways to protect yourself from these current scams:

  • Ask for ID. Any employee of the Region and authorized contractors carry ID
  • Did you request this house call? Because if you didn’t ,nobody from the Region would show up
  • If in doubt, call the Region to verify and see if this visit is legitimate. If it isn’t, politely (or maybe not so politely) ask the scammers to leave
  • Don’t cave to any pressure to sign ANYTHING on the spot. And don’t feel pressure to let anybody into your home. Unless they are the police with a warrant in hand, you are the king/queen of the castle
  • Never, ever,ever give out personal information, especially financial details.

If after all of that you still feel uneasy or unsafe, do not hesitate to call the police.

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