5 Quick To Do’s For Your Home This Spring

5 Quick To Do's For Your Home This Spring


That trickling sound you hear outside in your downspouts is the sound of Spring. The temperatures are on the rise and the last piles of snow are gradually melting away. Soon the robins will arrive, worms in beak, and we will have the chance to look back and honestly say, “It wasn’t such a bad winter after all was it?” Now comes the task of surveying Old Man Winter’s damage and getting our homes ready for some glorious sunshine. Here are some tips that will help your home recover from winter:

1.  Check Downspouts and Gutters

April showers do more than just make our gardens pop. They also lead us to potential problems. Check your downspouts and gutters for leaks or in some cases, where they have come loose. These will be priority number one to fix because the ground is already saturated with thawing tundra. Added water near your foundation puts your basement at increased risk for leaking. Make sure your gutters work properly, are free of debris, and that your downspouts channel water away from your home.

2.  Look For Any Ice Damage

Although it was not a harsh winter, your roof still went through some stressful times. With the freezing and thawing, then snow and rain, it was enough to drive a roof crazy! Do an inspection from the ground. See if you can detect missing shingles or damaged areas. If your roof is on the older side, you might want to start budgeting for a new one. A damaged roof is the perfect location for water to penetrate your home and turn a little problem into a disaster.

3.  Batteries and Filters

Time to check the batteries and filters. First, daylight savings time is one of the easiest ways to remember to change the batteries on all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Second, your furnace has been chugging hard all winter. Chances are the filter is clogged with dust and debris. Remember this; A dirty filter forces your furnace or AC units to work harder…which means you’ll have to work longer and harder to pay for

4.  Clean Up

Clean, clean, clean. Decks, driveways, porches are all perfect locations for winter debris to collect. These areas must be inspected for damage and repaired if necessary. Damage to a wooden deck or cracks in a driveway just don’t go away on their own and will get worse if neglected.

5.  Love Your Lawnmower

Give the lawnmower a tune up. It won’t be long before the steady hum of neighbourhood lawnmowers begins to fill the air. Now is a good time to check the oil, sharpen the blade, clean or replace the spark plug, and get some gas. You don’t want any surprises when you fire that badboy up for the first time.

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