Durham’s Transit System – En route to the right destination

Durham Region Transit Improving

The language used by people who live in the Durham Region for DRT (Durham Region Transit) can best be referred to as ‘colourful’. It was notorious for getting you to your destination late, but now things are changing. DRT is improving and is en route to becoming a great transit system; it just took longer to reach this point than it should have. The reality is that it was very hard for some people to rely on any form of public transport.

It just wasn’t dependable Continue reading

Durham Region Takes Technology to the Curb

Durham Region Waste

Like most of citizens of this planet, I have a smartphone. And on that smartphone I have apps. Apps that crush candy, give me yardage on the golf course, and the daily weather. I even have an app to manage all my apps. But recently, I downloaded an app that I had no idea would save me so much aggravation. Continue reading

Will increasing property values in Durham Region mean more taxes for you?

Are your property taxes increasing? Durham Region

The number of people who hate property taxes is much more than the number of people who understand property taxes. The mistake most people make is that they think property taxes work just like other taxes; however, the reality is that property taxes are very different from any other type of tax. The housing market is a growing at an unprecedented rate right now and this could end up having a large effect on your property taxes. Let’s go through what Property Taxes are and how they work. Continue reading

Why Oshawa Homes are a Great Investment

Why Oshawa homes are a great investment

Oshawa has a bad reputation. If you talk to the people who live close to it, they will describe it as a place riddled with crime and low quality properties because that’s how it has always been. What these people don’t know is how it will end up benefitting them; Oshawa has been getting better every year. So is now the best time to buy a home in Oshawa? No, we think a few years ago was the best time, but these days aren’t bad either. The bad reputation of the different areas in Oshawa was well earned of what happened two decades ago, but since then, the areas have steadily been becoming better. Continue reading

Families Eyeing Durham Region After Decade of Unprecedented Growth

Famlies Eying Durham Region

There are a million more people living in the GTA today than there were 10 years ago. That’s roughly the population of Calgary. So what has this population increase done to the housing market? The words sky rocket come to mind.

As the population has increased in the GTA, so have the prices of homes. This scenario is likely to continue based on our track record. What this creates, however are some market extremes that we are clearly seeing today.

10 years ago, an average two-storey, four bedroom home (about 2400 sq ft) cost $430,000 in Richmond Hill. That same house today would fetch about $1.2 million. That’s about a threefold increase since 2005. That means those young people with families looking to purchase their first home probably won’t have Richmond Hill available to them. That is why the Durham Region is so attractive at the moment. Continue reading

Is Durham Attracting the Biggest Home-Buying Generation in History?


Are Durham Region’s communities such as Pickering, Ajax, Whitby and Oshawa set to be the major landing spot for the biggest home buying generation in history?  Millennials or the millennial generation is also known as generation Y.  While no specific dates are attributed to the generation, most experts agree that millennials were born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s.  With millions of Canadian millennials set to move into their prime home-buying years, the impact on the Durham Region housing market could be huge. Continue reading

Top Unique Christmas Gifts For 2015

With Christmas Day a mere two weeks away, the time is now for all procrastinators to head out into the mad shopping rush of the season. And to help with getting that perfect gift for that special someone, here is a list of the most popular Christmas Gifts for 2015 (these and others can be found at ugiftideas.com. Have a Merry Christmas. Continue reading