How To Hire The Best Realtor For You: A Complete Look at Buying a Home

How to hire the best Realtor

In this 12 Part series of “A Complete Look at Buying a Home“, Part 6 looks at the Agent Interview Checklist.

When making the biggest purchase and investment of your life, you are going to want an expert to guide you through the process. What are the schools like in an area? What have comparable homes sold for? How do I make an offer? These are just some of the questions that a real estate professional will help you answer. Knowledge is power and when buying a home, the knowledge and experience of your real estate agent can make all the difference in buying your dream home.  Click below for our checklist that you may want to use when deciding on just how suitable your real estate agent really is. Continue reading

Are You Fit to Buy a Durham Region Home?


Buying a place of your own is an important and exciting phase of your life. It is one of the, if not the most important, major investments in your life. A home is a place to eat, play and sleep. It is the place where you raise your family. Continue reading

Top Mortgage Application Tips: A Complete Look at Buying a Home


In this 12 Part series of “A Complete Look at Buying a Home“, Part 5 looks at Top Mortgage Application Tips.

For the majority of us, purchasing a home will require a mortgage. After various credit and employment checks, lenders will generally give you an idea of how much of a mortgage you qualify for so that you can confidently begin the exciting journey of house shopping. However, unforeseen financial or credit problems (an error on your credit report for instance) can make the road to home ownership a bumpy one. Here are some excellent tips every buyer should follow prior to securing a mortgage. Continue reading

Mortgage Lender Interview Checklist: A Complete Look at Buying a Home

interview questions

As most of us enter the home owner’s market, we look to other sources to lend us the money to do so. There are various types of lenders out there that provide many different types of mortgages. In order to stay informed and to chose the right mortgage for you, smart buyers will always visit and ‘interview’ many different lenders before deciding on which path to follow. Our Mortgage Lender Interview Checklist is an excellent tool to help guide you through which questions to ask to get the best service possible. Continue reading

Monthly Home Budget Planner: A Complete Look at Buying a Home

budgeting for a home

“So now that I have decided to become a home owner, what is it going to cost to maintain the home?”

This is an important question that potential home buyers need to get answers for in order to avoid becoming ‘house poor’. Things like the monthly mortgage payment, property taxes, the day-to-day utilities, transportation expenses, and groceries are expenses that most of us account for when budgeting. However it is also a good idea to set aside money for unexpected maintenance costs, health services not covered through insurance, and of course vacations and retirement. For some, the task of tracking all of these expenses can be overwhelming. That’s why having a Monthly Home Budget Planner is an excellent way to make sure all the numbers add up. Continue reading

A Complete Look at Buying a Home: (Part 1) Top Home Buying Questions and Answers

thinking of buying

In this section of “A Complete Look at Buying a Home“, Part 1 and Part 2 talks about uncovering the truth about buying a home.

When embarking on the exciting journey of home ownership, buyers must consider a multitude of factors when deciding on a suitable property to purchase. Things like market conditions, affordability, interest rates, and location are just some of things to ponder. Home ownership is a big step and must be approached with a plan. 5 of the most common questions potential buyers face are:

  • Is now the right time to buy?
  • What type of home is right for me?
  • Do I need a real estate agent?
  • Should I be shopping for the lowest mortgage interest rate?
  • Should I buy a home?

Continue reading

A Complete Look at Buying a Home: A 12 Part Series

Thinking of buying a home

Are you thinking of buying a home in the near future? If so, let us give you all the information you will need for each step of the way. In this 12 part series, we will provide you with a complete Home Buyers’ Guide. The guide is completely FREE, easy to download, and best of all, the Ferris Brothers (Jason and Andre with Re/Max Jazz) will make themselves available for any questions you may have.

The 12 Part Series will cover the following subjects:
Uncovering the Truth about Buying a Home
Getting Pre-Approved
Finding Your New Home
Finalizing the Deal
Preparing to Move Continue reading