Service That Will Knock Your Socks Off

Service That Will Knock Your Socks Off! FERRIS

The Real Costs of Buying a Home


With 2016 well under way, thoughts to buying that dream home starts to heat up. Many people take this time of the year to do their research, examine finances, and start the decision process of whether or not it is the right year to buy. But there are a few things to keep in mind other than the purchase price. There are associated costs with buying a home that must be kept in mind, and more importantly, factored into budget. Continue reading

New Down Payment Rules For Home Buyers


Are you thinking of buying a new house in 2016?  Well if the price of your dream home is $500,000 or more, you will now have to put a down payment of at least 10%, up from 5%.  On Friday December 11, 2015, the Liberal government announced a change for insured mortgages.  According to the article in The Globe and Mail, the new rules will take into effect February 16, 2016. Continue reading

Is Technology as Important as Running Water When Buying a Home?

smart home technology

Millennial homebuyers increasingly prefer techno-graded smart homes with interactive features to suit their hectic lifestyles. Homebuyers are growing younger and they prefer homes that reduce their maintenance work while simultaneously having a beneficial impact on the environment. They prefer multifunctional spaces and a lot of their choices are influenced by optimal usage of features and living space. Since many of them work from home, they prefer automation so that they don’t have to run around fixing the thermostat, worry about the door lock or calculate their energy usage to optimize their consumption. Continue reading

Home Inspection Checklist: A Complete Look at Buying a Home


In this 12 Part series of “A Complete Look at Buying a Home“, Part 9 offers you a FREE downloadable Home Inspection Checklist.

Buying a home can seem a lot like being a contestant on ‘Let’s Make A Deal’. With all that goes in to making a home function (electrical, plumbing, structure), trying to look past the cleaned up and staged homes on the market is like trying to guess ‘what’s behind door #2?’ Most home buyers are not qualified to make that guess. That’s why a prudent real estate agent should insert an inspection clause into any agreement of purchase. The cost of hiring a professional home inspector far outweighs the potential for hidden problems that lurk in a freshly painted and decorated money pit. Continue reading

Make Sure The Home You Buy Isn’t HAUNTED

Make Sure the Home you buy isn't Haunted

Over the next couple of weeks, chances are you will be seeing some rather spooky and supernatural depictions as you drive around the neighbourhoods of Durham. Hallowe’en is just around the corner so expect to see ghosts and goblins everywhere. But all kidding aside, would you ever consider living in a house that has a reputation for being ‘haunted’? ‘Psychological stigmas’ do exist in real estate and are worth consideration when buying a home.

A psychological stigma is a non-physical element of a property. It could be the idea that it is haunted, or was owned previously by someone who was notorious for some terrible crime. Stigmas are based on people’s perceptions and individual beliefs. There is no one right or wrong opinion. A house that sends one perspective buyer running and screaming for their holy water may be just the exact fit for another. They key is make sure that your real estate agent is aware of all the criteria for the property you are looking for. Continue reading

Choosing the Perfect Location for Your Home in 5 Steps: A Complete Look at Buying a Home

location 3

In this 12 Part series of “A Complete Look at Buying a Home“, Part 7 helps you with, Choosing the Perfect Location in 5 Steps.

Location, location, location. This real estate cliché is perhaps the most important factor when deciding on which property to purchase. In its simplistic form, a house is a combination of bricks, mortar, and other materials. These can be changed to suit your wants and needs. But add in location (neighbourhood, proximity to family and friends, schools) and suddenly that house suddenly becomes a home. Click below so  you can choose the perfect location in 5 steps for you and your family. Continue reading