Are You Fit to Sell Your Durham Region Home?

Are You Fit to Sell Your Durham Region Home?

If you have decided it is time to sell your home, it may seem like a good idea to try and do it yourself. After all, how hard can it be? The truth is, it isn’t as easy as it seems, and if you’re not equipped with the tools and reach of a professional real estate sales representative, you may actually end up losing out on profits from the sale of your home or find it hard to even sell it at all! Continue reading

4 Things To Do Right Now To Sell Your Home Next Spring

4 Things To Do Right Now To Sell Your Home Next Spring

Is home-selling on your agenda for the coming year? You might be thinking that spring is the ideal time to start getting your home in shape for the impending sale. But the truth is that you can do a lot in the months that lead up to the actual sale in the spring season. Continue reading

Insider Tips To Sell Your Home Before The Holidays

Insider Tips To Sell

Holidays are the best time of the year when one can enjoy seeing stores packed with Christmas trees and candy canes. It is a time to be with your family and loved ones and celebrate a sense of togetherness.

Amidst all this, if one needs to accomplish the daunting task of selling a home, it could take away all the joy and pleasure. But here is some good news for those looking to sell off their homes before the holidays begin. Did you know that there is an increased chance of people buying homes before the holiday season? A recent survey conducted by a group of realtors revealed that last October, nearly 36 percent of homes stayed on the real estate market for just a few weeks.

So if others can manage to sell their home before the holidays begin, so can you! Here are some smart tricks to help you make an easy and quick sale. Continue reading

Make Sure The Home You Buy Isn’t HAUNTED

Make Sure the Home you buy isn't Haunted

Over the next couple of weeks, chances are you will be seeing some rather spooky and supernatural depictions as you drive around the neighbourhoods of Durham. Hallowe’en is just around the corner so expect to see ghosts and goblins everywhere. But all kidding aside, would you ever consider living in a house that has a reputation for being ‘haunted’? ‘Psychological stigmas’ do exist in real estate and are worth consideration when buying a home.

A psychological stigma is a non-physical element of a property. It could be the idea that it is haunted, or was owned previously by someone who was notorious for some terrible crime. Stigmas are based on people’s perceptions and individual beliefs. There is no one right or wrong opinion. A house that sends one perspective buyer running and screaming for their holy water may be just the exact fit for another. They key is make sure that your real estate agent is aware of all the criteria for the property you are looking for. Continue reading

Choosing the Perfect Location for Your Home in 5 Steps: A Complete Look at Buying a Home

location 3

In this 12 Part series of “A Complete Look at Buying a Home“, Part 7 helps you with, Choosing the Perfect Location in 5 Steps.

Location, location, location. This real estate cliché is perhaps the most important factor when deciding on which property to purchase. In its simplistic form, a house is a combination of bricks, mortar, and other materials. These can be changed to suit your wants and needs. But add in location (neighbourhood, proximity to family and friends, schools) and suddenly that house suddenly becomes a home. Click below so  you can choose the perfect location in 5 steps for you and your family. Continue reading

Are You Fit to Buy a Durham Region Home?


Buying a place of your own is an important and exciting phase of your life. It is one of the, if not the most important, major investments in your life. A home is a place to eat, play and sleep. It is the place where you raise your family. Continue reading

4 Reasons Why it’s Better to Sell your Home in the Fall

buying a home in the fall

Fall is considered to be off-seasons for a wide variety of reasons with the major one being a dull and gloomy weather. Most people tend to just keep things to a minimum during this time. However, fall maybe the perfect time for you to sell your house. Of course, listings may be lower and prospective buyers maybe relatively fewer, but you can still make the most of the off-season. Here are 4 reasons why the fall season just might be the best time to sell your home. Continue reading