Will The 407 Extension Increase Your Home Value?

Will he 407 extension increase your home value

Get your popcorn ready Durham Region because with the impending opening of the extended 407 series of highways nearing, Durham is about to experience growth on an enormous scale.

Let’s start from the beginning. Back in 2011, the Province of Ontario announced their plan to extend the original 407 further east. In addition, two linked roads between the 401 and 407 would also be constructed. The plan was formulated to cut commuting times and to allow easier access to the metropolitan areas of Toronto.  The net effect of the planned 407 extension into Durham is surge in the number of homes being built and the migration of people here to live in them. Continue reading

Are Home Buyers In Durham Region Set To Pay Double The Tax?

A Broken Election Promise-

Attention all Durham Region Home Buyers.  According to the Toronto Sun’s article from October 27, 2015, Home Buyers in Durham Region and across Ontario may be forced to now pay double on land transfer tax.  As is the case already in Toronto, the government is ready to allow all municipalities to set their own Land Transfer Tax. The article said that this could happen as early as next year. Continue reading

7 Reasons You Should Move to Whitby, Ontario

7 Reasons You Should Move to Whitby, Ontario

Home to the Durham Region headquarters, Whitby is a popular commuter suburb in the Greater Toronto Area that has quickly grown into an urban, economic hub. The town is quickly expanding both in terms of population and facilities, as more and more people realize its growth potential. Numerous infrastructure-development projects are currently underway or waiting in the pipeline.

Thinking of moving to a new community? Tired of the lacklustre ways in which your current city or town treats you and the family? Interested in living it up in a well-equipped, accessible and friendly neighbourhood? Moving to Whitby might make the most sense for you and your family. Continue reading


The Ferris Brothers – Durham’s Family Realtors

Ferris Brothers

Durham Region: Just As Nice For Half The Price

Durham Region

With the average price of a detached home in the Durham Region being less than half of what it costs in Toronto, more people are choosing to move east of the city.  According  to the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB), a detached home in the Durham Region on average will cost you $502,079 while in Toronto it is more than $1,150,000.  For some, the convenience and the allure of living in Toronto is worth paying more than double than in Durham, but for more and more homeowners, calling Durham home is the only way they can afford to get into the housing market. Continue reading

Durham Home Prices are Hot. See How Your Community Compares. Infographic

Durham Region homes continue to increase in price and that trend didn’t change in the month of April.  The average selling price jumped to $440,151, a 12.5% increase over this time last years.  Other interesting facts for the month of April were that inventory climbed to the highest level in 2015 with 1,816 new listings and the average days on market dropped by 2 to 15 days.  To see the average selling prince in your community see the chart below.April Durham Region Market Update (1)

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