5 Quick To Do’s For Your Home This Spring

5 Quick To Do's For Your Home This Spring


That trickling sound you hear outside in your downspouts is the sound of Spring. The temperatures are on the rise and the last piles of snow are gradually melting away. Soon the robins will arrive, worms in beak, and we will have the chance to look back and honestly say, “It wasn’t such a bad winter after all was it?” Now comes the task of surveying Old Man Winter’s damage and getting our homes ready for some glorious sunshine. Here are some tips that will help your home recover from winter: Continue reading

Home Inspection Checklist: A Complete Look at Buying a Home


In this 12 Part series of “A Complete Look at Buying a Home“, Part 9 offers you a FREE downloadable Home Inspection Checklist.

Buying a home can seem a lot like being a contestant on ‘Let’s Make A Deal’. With all that goes in to making a home function (electrical, plumbing, structure), trying to look past the cleaned up and staged homes on the market is like trying to guess ‘what’s behind door #2?’ Most home buyers are not qualified to make that guess. That’s why a prudent real estate agent should insert an inspection clause into any agreement of purchase. The cost of hiring a professional home inspector far outweighs the potential for hidden problems that lurk in a freshly painted and decorated money pit. Continue reading

It’s Time To Winterize Your Home – Before It’s Too Late

It's Time to winterize your home before it's too late

Winterizing means to help prepare your house, the structure and its fittings in such a way that the harsh cold climate does little damage to it and the damage done should be easily recoverable. A lot of money goes into it every year, but here are a few things that you can do for cheap or even free that will help you through the winter. Continue reading

Tips For Keeping Your Whitby Lawn Greener

green lawnWhitby is the epitome of a community full of pride of ownership. Everywhere you look you see the signs. Well maintained homes, clean driveways, and of course, spectacular lawns. A well manicured and kept lawn can actually contribute to your property value and of course, the overall appeal of the community. Here are some tips for you to have the greenest lawn in all of Durham Region

1) A healthy lawn starts with water but the amount of watering needed depends on the type of soil present. The sandier the soil, the more water required. As a general guideline, your lawn needs about 4 cm of water per week. That breaks down to about 1 hour of watering every 7 days. Watering in the morning produces the best results. Avoid watering your lawn at night as this leaves your lawn exposed to problematic diseases that could undermine all of your hard work. Continue reading