Why Oshawa Homes are a Great Investment

Why Oshawa homes are a great investment

Oshawa has a bad reputation. If you talk to the people who live close to it, they will describe it as a place riddled with crime and low quality properties because that’s how it has always been. What these people don’t know is how it will end up benefitting them; Oshawa has been getting better every year. So is now the best time to buy a home in Oshawa? No, we think a few years ago was the best time, but these days aren’t bad either. The bad reputation of the different areas in Oshawa was well earned of what happened two decades ago, but since then, the areas have steadily been becoming better. Continue reading

7 Reasons You Should Move to Whitby, Ontario

7 Reasons You Should Move to Whitby, Ontario

Home to the Durham Region headquarters, Whitby is a popular commuter suburb in the Greater Toronto Area that has quickly grown into an urban, economic hub. The town is quickly expanding both in terms of population and facilities, as more and more people realize its growth potential. Numerous infrastructure-development projects are currently underway or waiting in the pipeline.

Thinking of moving to a new community? Tired of the lacklustre ways in which your current city or town treats you and the family? Interested in living it up in a well-equipped, accessible and friendly neighbourhood? Moving to Whitby might make the most sense for you and your family. Continue reading

Does Landscaping Increase the Value of Your Home?

Does Landscaping Increase the Value of Your Home?

Spring is in the air and soon there will be a mad rush of people heading to the local nursery spending a lot of money for plants, flowers, top soil, and many other gardening items.  But does landscaping increase the value of your home?  According to a Publication from Virginia Tech, it does! Continue reading

Durham/ Oshawa Voted Top 10 for Best Places to Buy Real Estate in Canada

MoneySense City skyline in No. 27-ranked Charlottetown (Getty)

MoneySense: No. 27-ranked Charlottetown

The Durham Region is experiencing unprecedented growth and prosperity. With the extension of the 407 and the construction of more and more homes in the area, the Durham Region is on the rise. Add to that our excellent community programs/services, the quality of our schools, and our finger-tip access to all that nature has to offer, is it any wonder that it is ranked amongst  the best places in Canada? Continue reading