Shake Those Winter Blues

Feeling the winter blahs yet?

Although technically the days are starting to get longer, here in Durham we are in definite need of some sunshiny days. With hydro bills soaring and temperatures falling, everyone is in need of some relief from the winter blues. Here are some ways to help you get out of that mid-winter funk: Continue reading

A New Vision For Whitby

Downtown Whitby Concept Map
Whitby’s long awaited plan to revitalize its downtown core has taken one step closer to becoming a reality. Over the next few years, plans are in place to make over Whitby’s downtown district and give it a new identity.

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Durham Region Foodies Rejoice

Food Truck Frenzy Whitby


What’s better than two days of Food Truck Frenzy in Whitby? How about three days? Yes the Rotary Club of Whitby has announced that this year’s Food Truck Frenzy, which takes place from May 13th to the 15th, will have an extra day added as well as longer hours and more variety of trucks. Continue reading

Warning Issued to Durham Residents

Door-to Door Sales

The Regional Municipality of Durham is warning residents about new and aggressive water treatment sales tactics that are being used in the region. Many residents have been calling into the Region regarding door-to-door salespersons asking to see residents’ water meters and to test their water. The problem is, the region doesn’t sell, nor does it endorse, the use of water treatment filters or equipment. Continue reading

Negative Interest Rates and their effect on Canadian homes

Negative Interest Rates' Impact on Housing

There has been a lot of talk and some controversy about the recent news that Canada’s central bank is open to the possibility of negative interest rates. Financial industry professionals have been panicking and making many different statements about this possibility. If you don’t know what negative interest rates exactly mean, don’t worry, as we will be explaining that. What interests us the most is the effect negative interest rates can have on the local housing market. Continue reading

Durham Region Property Taxes Are Going Up

Durham Region Property Taxes Are Going Up

The Durham Region Council has approved the 2016 Regional Business Plans and Budgets, and much like the collective blood pressure of region’s residents, property taxes will be going up. Continue reading

Beer and Curry at Brock St. Brewery

Brock St. Brewing CopmanyVia

The continuing economic development in the Durham Region is becoming more and more evident every day. The 407 ETR is nearing completion, the housing market is as strong as ever, and perhaps more importantly, we now have a brewery! Yes the Brock Street Brewing Company is open for business. Continue reading